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About the interpreter method of all sorts of color
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Useful objective noun represents the phenomenon of color in English and Chinese. This is the product that people uses objective for a long time to describe color place to leave. The word that will convey color with objective has two kinds of cases, it is color of expression of special in kind. Wait like “ dark brown ” , “ auroral ” ; Another kind is objective word adds color word. Its convey means to have:

1. sheet uses formula; For instance: While Laughing, she Revealed The Red And Ivory Of Her Mouth. (She laughed at Shi Lou to give) of red lip white tine.

Word of 2. objective color sums color word mood, be like: Snow-white (snow-white) , emerald-green (emerald green) wait.

Word of 3. objective color sums mood of “ lubricious ” , be like: Honey-colored/hued/tinted (sweet color) , buff-colored (cream-colored) wait.

4. phrase type, be like: The Color Of Pig’s Liver (pork liver color) , the Color Of Cow’s Milk (bovine breast color) wait.

5. makes attributive type, be like: Her Rosy Cheeks (her that ruddy face) , the Golden Sun (aureate sun) , raven Hair (inky hair) etc.

Interpreter method has: 1. Metaphrase the objective color word that to English-Chinese call the turn of two kinds of language uses, can take the kind of quits metaphrase. For example: But One Afternoon I Was Walking Across The Yard And Stopped To Pick Up An Acorn---One Acorn, nut Brown, glossy, cool To Touch;…A day afternoon, I take a walk in the courtyard, stop inadvertently, picking up an an acorn —— is then chestnut, smooth, feel the acorn that feels very cool.

2.Borrow interpret to represent some kind of color when some kind of objective in a kind of language, and the convention that another kind of language did not use this kind of objective to represent this kind of color, can find out from inside interpret language answer relatively with primary objective color or another kind of objective of close will convey this kind of color.

Be like: The hair with pitch-black Raven Hair / inky hair; Pitch Black/jet-black is inky; Cream-colored of Ivory-colored / Cream-colored; Opal-colored is ivory

3.Free translation is commonly used in a kind of language to those, and not commonly used in another kind of language or it is OK that word of unused objective color is not found again inside interpret language use the objective color word that expresses this kind of color, although use the method of primary color word,had better adopt free translation. Be like:

…small Features, very Fair; Flaxen Ringlets, or Rather Golden, hanging Loosely On Her Delicate Neck…

Dainty cheek, bai Xi's skin, flaxen curl —— perhaps is inferior to saying is golden color comes appropriately ground of —— Song Song is approved hang down in her on that delicate neck…
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