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Interpreter of science and technology is badly in need of authoritative electron
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Before before long, miss Yuan that studies abroad in Singapore is badly in need of translating name of material of chemistry of a batch of English into Chinese. Turn over reference book too slow, online dictionary assures accuracy hard again. “ whether does the professional name that there is an authority translate electronic dictionary? It is certain that the cry of ” Miss Yuan is had representative.

To Everyman, the large electron dictionary such as “ PowerWord ” , or it is the online interpreter tool such as ” of interpreter of “ cereal song, can solve much to translate a problem. Once involve chemical, spin, medicine,can wait for the professional name of the domain, these in a popular style translate the accuracy rate of the tool to sell at a discount greatly. And dictionary of reference book of traditional paper quality consults not only rise trivaller, its update speed to also cannot catch up with the development speed of this course, bring about a lot of new expressions to cannot be translated in time. Accordingly, the electronic dictionary that an authority can update in time again, consider those who be brainpower with might doubled.

In Shanghai research and development on public service platform, also often the user raises similar requirement, the compound noun interpreter that goes up with chemistry again among them is in the majority, the “ PowerWord ” that platform entrusts center of data of Shanghai chemical chemical industry to try to develop a chemical field. Data center names regulation according to international chemistry, and word-building of Chinese and English compound, developed ” of translation system of “ compound name, can translate compound name automatically not only, because person specially assigned for a task is safeguarded,return, can update a lexicon in time. Half an year of try out of the function in among them flower interpret is much, already 7000 much person-time are used, open consult freely on the net for the user, accuracy rate maintains in 98% the left and right sides.

Light has chemical electron dictionary far insufficient, also put in similar interpreter requirement in other subject domain. Current current situation is: On one hand, the division of labor of course domain is finer and finer, researcher may be right this professional professional name translates know sth like the palm of one's hand, but should exceed this domain slightly slightly only, often be at a loss what to do; And on the other hand, study direction and industrial point of growth newly, often appear in course across region again, this needs professional researcher to master interdisciplinary professional name to translate a principle. Lack the bad influence that earnest sex brings to avoid professional name and term interpreter, a 100 families of “ that cover each subject ” electron dictionary appears very necessary. Shanghai standardizes the concerned expert introduction of the academy, germany once combined the standardization orgnaization of domestic each course, all previous classics makes a similar 100 divisions electron translate a dictionary for years, the transnational corporation such as Xi Menzi also has similar electronic reference book. Expert proposal, branch of our country science and technology also answer as soon as possible project approving, by the standardization of each course domain the branch is participated in jointly, make sure long abidance is thrown, and wait for a problem with respect to copyright, access come to an agreement beforehand, the researcher that is scientific research orgnaization and medium and small businesses offers advantage.
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