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Internet is broken whether language barriers
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1988, gao Gang is in the United States to learn news in order to visit scholastic identity, he sees classmates are writing plan with the computer, curious unceasingly. American teacher asks him: “ with what do you keep news? He answers ” : “ paper and pen. The teacher that ” walks over from typewriter times shakes his head say: If “ cannot use the computer, your journalism will not develop. ” Gao Gang sees clavier, say: “ thanks your mother tongue, it has 26 letters only, but such means cannot bear the weight of our China is civilized. ”

Passed 10 years again, gao Gang does in live abroad of the State Council " Hua Sheng signs up for " the job. Internet has begun to pound China at that time, input method of pen and 5 phoneticize has appeared, chinese appears increasingly on computer screen. Gao Gang holds the post of institute of news of Chinese people university nowadays standing assistant dean, he still remembers be at that time in the manuscript that interviews Zhang Chaoyang, matching a plan is the ZhongGuanCun that is about to fly in the sky of flying move greatly banner: Computer of “ whole world rises jointly, yingtenai comes true with respect to regular meeting especially! ”

Today, internet was affected already far-reachingly full generation person and full the enterprise of generation, but computer of that exalted “ whole world rises jointly the catchword of ” did not come true. The reason does not have him, below the background that lacks fast and effective Internet to translate a technology, the gully of Chinese and other language is far not fill and level up, the congenital obstacle that information is existing to cannot be made up for in the communication in Internet.

Perhaps in the future looks into 10 years, the congenital chasm of Internet will not answer exist, the flow of information casts off the limitation of the language, because, be in today, internet translates occurrent decay.
Chinese input method is in early was born 1986, but can translate in Internet truly worthwhile on of brushstroke, be afraid PowerWord of that far-reaching software product —— that is golden hill company to was rolled out 1998 even.

The principle of PowerWord and other and congener product is very simple: The dictionary of interpret of will English-Chinese each other types the computer, again of the person that the basis is used type undertake the lexicon is searched deciding mixing, find out corresponding interpreter. Look now, its at best just is objective dictionary “ the electron changes ” , but it is this simple product, became generation Internet user of Chinese to contact foreign language website (still be restricted only at that time English, added the language such as Japanese later) the main tool that gets information.

Ever since further research of golden hill company is whole interpreter with paragraphs whole, rolled out OK and direct interpreter whole page (include documentation and page of the webpage that browse) golden hill fast interpret, the translation software of a lot of likeness, for example Oriental express, rapid also follow-up. But almost all these software are having deadly drawback: The thing that the interpreter comes out basically “ is horrible ”—— still starts work as oneself turn over a dictionary to consider come racily.
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