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Translate layout Internet
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The interpreter already became implementation Internet the crucial node of true globalization.

Does “ hear the pilfer edition amount of PowerWord is 10 times of the authorised edition? ”

“ exceeds this number far! ”

When the pilfer edition problem that asks about golden hill software when somebody, golden hill is online with PowerWord general manager Li Mojiang replies so.
PowerWord has 3000 much users in home, the market is had rate more than 90% , but encounter gain predicament for a time because of pilfer edition problem however. Nevertheless the Li Mojiang nowadays was not shown again however before anxious, because PowerWord is overturning,oneself collect fees originally mode, finish the challenge of pair of pilfer edition.

On May 8, free cooperative version releases ” of PowerWord of “ Gu Ge formally. News briefing spot, li Mojiang stands beside Qiu Baijun, the smile on the face is very bright. Beg the Li Kaifu that Gu Ge is on the side of Bai Jun, still a pair of gentle adn cultivated, incompact not slow appearance.

” of PowerWord of “ Gu Ge is golden hill realizes PowerWord 10 years first free, hope the force of song of cereal of have the aid of chooses software to Internet. And the webpage that Gu Ge has him already actually is online interpreter product, ever also had considered to change its client end, but final it or the form that chose to cooperate with PowerWord come ” of “ be born, the client of PowerWord of have the aid of group accumulate cut Chinese market quickly.

The Lin Hepei of two father cloth of “ Gu Ge is strange, the technology that loves most is an interpreter. ” Li Kaifu says. The reason is apparent, firm of a search wants information of integrated whole world, the challenge that faces above all is every country natural formation language chasm, and the only way that settles this chasm translates a technology only.

Break the language chasm on Internet to had become a crucial issue. But should achieve this goal, real high quality is translated and bear the weight of the optimal expression carrier of this kind of interpreter has not come true far. In Internet and ” of “ cloud computation ecbolic below, dawn has appeared all sorts of languages translate —— assemble information, collect an user preferential use series, use already enough and advanced search technology to give sort and optimize. Each technical companies are undertaking trying with his means.

Gu Ge PowerWord is among them one of. Both sides is the 80%~90% that can take Chinese market to the expectation of this free product, and they are about to gobble up, the market —— that is original PowerWord especially broad pilfer edition market. Use extensively of this translation software that won't be invaded by pilfer edition, collect the likelihood rich user to use information for two companies, make interpreter (especially interpret of English-Chinese each other) sort ability gets very big strengthen.
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