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Translation is admired -- " flyer collect " (3)
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Violent storm seems the cry of a certain deity in anguish, because his love is rejected by earth place.
The Storm Is Like The Cry Of Some God In Pain Whose Love The Earth Refuses.

The world won't prediction of a person's luck in a given year, because death is not,one cracks.
The World Does Not Leak Because Death Is Not A Crack.

Life is more rich because of gave love.
Life Has Become Richer By The Love That Has Been Lost.

My friend, your great heart shows the ray that fires Oriental rising sun, of a firn in dawn of no less than
Gu peak.
My Friend, your Great Heart Shone With The Sunrise Of The East LikeThe Snowy Summit Of A Lonely Hill In The Dawn.

Spring of dead and his like, make unripe shut-off of water bouncing.
The Fountain Of Death Makes The Still Water Of Life Play.

Those have all things and do not have your person, my god, laughing at those do not have anything else and
The person that has you only.
Those Who Have Everything But Thee, my God, laugh At Those Who HaveNothing But Thyself.

The motion of life gets its rest in the music of itself.
The Movement Of Life Has Its Rest In Its Own Music.

Kick sufficient can go up from the ground only raise dust and cannot get results.
Kicks Only Raise Dust And Not Crops From The Earth.

Our name, it is the light that gives out on the hypo in night, the trace also did not stay to destroy with respect to close lightly.
Our Names Are The Light That Glows On The Sea Waves At Night AndThen Dies Without Leaving Its Signature.

Let open a person that looks at a rose to also see its thorn.
Let Him Only See The Thorns Who Has Eyes To See The Rose.

The strung on pinion gold, this bird never can hover in the sky again.
Set The Bird's Wings With Gold And It Will Never Again Soar In The Sky.

The lotus of our place opened a flower on this unfamiliar water again, give off same faint scent, just the name is changed
The Same Lotus Of Our Clime Blooms Here In The Alien Water WithThe Same Sweetness, under Another Name.

In the distant view of the heart, the distance of that be apart appears more capacious.
In Heart's Perspective The Distance Looms Large.

month alls over her light illuminate in the sky, the shading that leaving her however gives herself.
The Moon Has Her Light All Over The Sky, her Dark Spots To Herself.

Do not say: “ this is morning ” , do not use a “ the noun of ” dismissed it yesterday. Your first time
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