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Blue day
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Everybody Has Blue Days. These Are Miserable Days When You Feel Lousy, grumpy, lonely, and Utterly Exhausted. Days When You Feel Small And Insignificant, when Everything Seems Just Out Of Reach. You Can't Rise To The Occasion. Just Getting Started Seems Impossible. On Blue Days You Can Become Paranoid That Everyone Is Out To Get You. This Is Not Always Such A Bad Thing. You Feel Frustrated And Anxious, which Can Induce A Nail-biting Frenzy That Can Escalate Into A Triple-chocolate-mud-cake-eating Frenzy In A Blink Of An Eye! On Blue Days You Feel Like You're Floating In An Ocean Of Sadness. You're About To Burst Into Tears At Any Moment And You Don't Even Know Why. Ultimately, you Feel Like You're Wandering Through Life Without Purpose. You're Not Sure How Much Longer You Can Hang On, and You Feel Like Shouting, "Will Someone Please Shout Me! "It Doesn't Take Much To Bring On A Blue Day. You Might Just Wake Up Not Feeling Or Looking Your Best, find Some New Wrinkles, put On A Little Weight, or Get A Huge Pimple On Your Nose. You Could Forget Your Date's Name Or Have An Embarrassing Photograph Published. You Might Get Dumped, divorced, or Fired, make A Fool Of Yourself In Public, be Afflicted With A Demeaning Nickname, or Just Have A Plain Old Bad-hair Day. Maybe Work Is A Pain In The Butt. You're Under Major Pressure To Fill Someone Else's Shoes, your Boss Is Picking On You, and Everyone In The Office Is Driving You Crazy. You Might Have A Splitting Headache, or A Slipped Dish, bad Breath, a Toothache, chronic Gas, dry Lips, or A Nasty Ingrown Toenail. Whatever The Reason, you're Convinced That Someone Up There Doesn't Like You. Oh What To Do, what To Do? Well, if You're Like Most People, you'll Hide Behind A Flimsy Belief That Everything Will Sort Itself Out. Then You'll Spend The Rest Of Your Life Looking Over Your Shoulder, waiting For Everything To Go Wrong All Over Again. All The While Becoming Crusty And Cynical Or A Pathetic, sniveling Victim. Until You Get So Depressed That You Lie Down And Beg The Earth To Swallow You Up Or, even Worse, become Addicted To Billy Joel Songs. This Is Crazy, because You're Only Young Once And You're Never Old Twice.

Everybody has blue time. Those days are fully miserable really, you feel of the chaotic in the heart, complaint is fascicular, doleful, whole the person is complete exhausted. What those days always can let you feel his is insignificant and negligible, every thing is not worn quite it seems that edge. You cannot cheer up at all. Do not have effort to begin afresh at all. In blue day, you may become paranoiac, feel everybody wants to eat decide you. Actually the circumstance always is not so flooey. You feel brokenhearted, angst, the likelihood begins to bite nail jumpily desperately, next hopeless ground is immersed in blink the mad person that eats off cake of 3 chunk chocolate! In blue day, you can feel you are in float of sea mile heavy. Be in no matter when, you always have kind of impulse that wants to cry, do not know however for what. Finally, you feel you like an utterly worthless person, lose life aim. You do not know you still can be maintained how long, next you want to cry greatly: Who comes to “ one the small of the stock I beat dead! Actually a bit bagatelle lets ” a day of your Dou Yu is become hard frowzily. Perhaps be shut-eye awakes only, did not feel or see oneself best one side, discover oneself much a few furrow, weighed a few jins again, or be a big package appeared on nose. You may forget the name of appointment object, or it is to the photograph of Zhang Ke laugh is ascended. You are abandoned probably, divorced, or be by discharge, make an exhibition of oneself, be done so that be utterly confused by acerbity byname, because you are gotten,carrying on the head all the day only probably its are ugly clinking hairstyle. Perhaps the job makes you painful get feel as if sitting on a bed with needles. You take sb's place below powerful pressure the position of other, your boss nags by every means to you, each person in the office lets you go mad. You may headache be about to crack, or centre of gravity is flabby drop wearing, halitosis, toothache, ceaseless fart, mouth does glossal dry, or be fingernail grows fleshy within. Without giving thought to what reason, you are affirmatory above somebody does not like you. Alas, how should do, how should do after all? Hum, you may follow major person same, look for a thing to hide casually, think the thing can be solved by oneself. As a result you get a flower to drop the time of half a lifetime looks round, waiting for follow the same old disastrous road of again and again. You can become finally irritable, cynical, or pitiful, howling victim. Final you lie acedialy on the ground, invocatory earth your embezzle, or it is to indulge in Billie in the blue air music of • tall cannot extricate oneself. This really very clumsy, because of you can young, and absolutely cannot old two.
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