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Wisdom is him
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Isn't It Amazing How One Person, sharing One Idea, at The Right Time And Place Can Change The Course Of Your Life's History? This Is Certainly What Happened In My Life. When I Was 14, I Was Hitchhiking From Houston, texas, through El Paso On My Way To California.
If a person, be in proper when the life course that changed him because of a word with the place, can you feel mix uncannily mysterious? However this is absolutely true really, it happens in me 14 years old that year. In those days, I am in from Dekesasi of the city cease Si Dui, in the journey that before by loves city of slope all alone, goes toward California city.

I Was Following My Dream, journeying With The Sun. I Was A High School Dropout With Learning Disabilities And Was Set On Surfing The Biggest Waves In The World, first In California And Then In Hawaii, where I Would Later Live.
Sunrise goes namely, sunset ceases namely, crazy crazy ground is pursueing my dream. I am reading high school originally, perhaps my day is born with is not the material that read, accordingly I must midway discontinue one's studying. My determination wants immediately to go up to the biggest ocean wave on the world surf, plan California city first, arrive again Hawaiian, next I prepare to be over there take up one's quarters.

Upon Reaching Downtown El Paso, I Met An Old Man, a Bum, on The Street Corner. He Saw Me Walking, stopped Me And Questioned Me As I Passed By. He Asked Me If I Was Running Away From Home, I Suppose Because I Looked So Young.
When just entering urban district of all alone love slope, I see have an old man, a tramp, sit in street turning point. He saw me what walk, when I am about to go by from the side his, he blocked me, start to talk to my ask a question. He asks I am stealing what run from the home, I think him so asking I am certain is to see me too young, the cause that feels I am too tender.

I Told Him, "Not Exactly, sir, "Since My Father Had Given Me A Ride To The Freeway In Houston And Given Me His Blessings While Saying, "It Is Important To Follow Your Dream And What Is In Your Heart. Son. Son..
“ is not completely, gentleman, because be my father drives to send me,rest on Si Dui's freeway, he still is blessed for me at the same time, say at the same time: ‘ son, the longing in the dream that pursues you and heart is very important. ’”

The Bum Then Asked Me If He Could Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee. I Told Him, "No, sir, but A Soda Would Be Great. But A Soda Would Be Great.. We Walked To A Corner Malt Shop And Sat Down On A Couple Of Swiveling Stools While We Enjoyed Our Drinks.
Next does that tramp ask me he can ask me to drink coffee? My answer says: “ not, gentleman, a cup of soda water is OK. ” then, we walk into a bar that street corner is in, sit on a pair of revolving chair, drinking beverage.

After Conversing For A Few Minutes, the Friendly Bum Told Me To Follow Him. He Told Me That He Had Something Grand To Show Me And Share With Me. We Walked A Couple Of Blocks Until We Came Upon The Downtown El Paso Public Library.
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