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English drafts Guan Zhui
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1, He That Is Without Sin Among You, let Him First Cast A Stone At Her. ---Bible. Numerous philtrum is innocent person, cast first stone hereat Fu. God says, retaliation puts in him 's charge, there is a person in this world qualified will make reprisals.

2, Self-sacrifice Enables Us To Sacrifice Other People Without Blushing. ---George Benard Shaw, man And Superman. Self-abnegation can let our sacrifice others, and blush none. Because of self-abnegation, perhaps paid, strove for the sacrificial others, right that allows others to pay it seems that, this sees more especially in emotional life.

3, I Often Regret That I Have Spoken; Never That I Have Been Silent. ---Publilius Syrus, maxims. My constant regrets because of saying, never because of silent and regret. Character is broken surely more, this is subjective side; Utterance often makes a person intended innocently read by accident, this is impersonal aspect.

4, That's One Small Step For A Man, and One Giant Leap For Mankind. ---Neil Armstrong. To the individual, this is one half step only; To the mankind character, it is a leap however. This is the first word that after Armstrong enters a month, says, allegedly originally the territory that American government asks he announces the moon is the United States from now on, however, he refused, and spoke the word of dignified of this air space come. similar have current world cup, the Diwufu of Senegal team says, “We Came Here Little, we Leave Great” .

5, For What Is A Man Profited, if He Shall Gain The Whole World, and Lose His Own Soul? ---Bible. The person has He Yi, if its win the world to lose its spirit however? Song name was called “ to was defeated by you to win the world how ” , apply mechanically this format, this moment, the object that admire in the heart became his spirit.

6, There Are Two Kinds Of Statistics, the Kind You Look Up And The Kind You Make Up. Have number of two kinds of statistic, your in order to consults a kind, one kind is you concoctive come out. The enterprise has true and false two kinds of forms for reporting statistics, this is open secret almost. Conduct propaganda has two kinds of view, this also is open secret almost. True, false, it is useful.

7, There Are Three Kinds Of Lies: Lies, damned Lies, and Statistics. ---Attributed To Disraeli. On the world 3 kinds of crammer: Crammer, blamed crammer, still have statistical number. Statistical number often is making accurate, rational pretense, masked a lot of real things however in fact, this kind of view is to use extreme means to express the distrust to it.

8, There Are Only Two Ways Of Getting On In The World---Either By One's Own Industry, or By The Stupidity Of Others. Have two kinds of idea only can on earth is popular, or is the effort that passes his, or is others of have the aid of is foolish. Actually, in the final analysis, have a kind of idea only, be others then is foolish. Even if you tried hard, what still also want Yang Lai others is foolish with the mistake. For instance football, go, it is such, who is what what compare just fewerer than adversary error just.
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