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English drafts Guan Zhui
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1, I Can't Help Feeling Wary When I Hear Anything Said About The Masses. First, you Take Their Faces Away From, me By Calling Them Masses, and Then You Accuse' Me Of Not Having Any Faces. Hear any words about the masses, I cannot refrain from alert: Called the masses to strip first their different face, criticise they do not have different face again however next. Actually, not only it is the masses, class of other such as, system, position, can produce ” of screen of this kind of “ the circumstance of real person.

2, All Women's Dresses, in Every Age And Country, are Merely Variations On The Eternal Struggle Between The Admitted Desire To Dress And The Unadmitted Desire To Undress. ---Lin Yutang. At all times and in all over the world, the woman's dress just is wearing and do not wear two kinds change between the desire of combat continuously: An accepted, heart knows a numerous place abdomen bright. The dress besides drive cold besides the function that is beautification. Those canary that are raised by the bag perhaps are engaged in special occupational woman spending money like water, go after beautiful dress, its purpose is more clear: They are worn is to take off.

3, No Grand Idea Was Ever Born In A Conference, but A Lot Of Foolish Ideas Have Died There. ---F. Scott Fitzgerald. The conference won't produce any great minds, have a lot of foolish idea be buried among them. To democracy, to the parliament, to discussing, adjudicate on to everybody, need to be planted from this negative will try to know. Saw it do how much correct business not only, should see it prevent the thing of how many mistake more.

4, Could Hamlet Have Been Written By A Committee, or The Mona Lisa Painted By A Club? Could The New Testament Have Been Composed As A Conference Report? Creative Ideas Do Not Spring From Groups. They Spring From Individuals. The Divine Spark Leaps From The Finger Of God To The Finger Of Adam. a committee can draw up " Hamlet " , a club can be drawn " unconscious graceful Li Sha " , or can report of a conference accomplish " the New Testament " ? Creativity thought is from inside the individual, is not burst forth from inside collective. Holy fire is jumped from sacred finger tip fall Adam finger tip. Say rightly of course, emphasize nevertheless also be a respect only, the power that has individual of end of a lot of businesses is finished hard really, need consign collective, the key depends on two respects each with respect to its, each unexpectedly its result.

5, If Anyone Believes That Our Smiles Involve Abandment Of The Teaching Of Marx, engels, and Lenin He Deceives Himself Poorly. Those Who Wait For That Must Wait Until A Shrimp Learns To Whistle. - - - Nikita Khrushchev. If who thinks our smile is adumbrative move we abandoned Marx, Engels, Lenin, what who has pity on namely is self-deceiving person. The person that raise one's head and look expects us to be done in that way unless when shrimp learned to whistle. Very amused, be?
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