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2008 corpuses linguistics and machine translation apply a seminar
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Develop an academy about Chinese electron Information Industry (CCID) hold jointly with British Lancaster university corpus linguistics and seminar of machine translation application called for paper 2008 announcement:

British Lancaster university is the research organization of computer corpus linguistics with famous international, study in contemporary English corpus the respect gathered rich experience and fruit especially. Chinese electron Information Industry develops an academy (CCID) it is international orgnaization of famous research and development of machine translation application. In committee of national science foundation (NSFC) below support, two units decide in August 2008 day of 12 - 13 is in China electronic Information Industry develops an academy (road of courtyard of black bamboo of Beijing Haidian area edifice of 66 Sai Di) hold “2008 jointly year corpus linguistics and ” of seminar of machine translation application.

Welcome everybody to conference contribute, content includes:

The research of computer corpus linguistics and application; Technology of Natural Language Processing; Be based on the machine translation research of statistical method; The machine translation that is used at global commerce uses research; Language resource library and cross language Information Retrieval to use research; This domain considers to apply positive result related other.

Call for paper date of expiration: On June 15, 2008

Paper electron edition casts send letter box: Yq@trans.ccidnet.con

Advisory phone: (010) 88558638; Fax: 88558672; Contact: Yuan Qi

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