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The U of machine translation road
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Machine translation develops as the development of computer technology, but, because people is right the knowledge that natural language understands is not quite thorough, the development of machine translation had taken the way of a paragraph of tortuosity.

The film " beautiful heart " the speech that begins to be taught at a dummy Helinger, the mathematician that the United States says on the speech is resisting main effect was produced in the war of Nazi, want to change attention to counteractive Russia now. Nash is that mathematician.

This is an autobiographical body film about mathematician. While a lot of people pay close attention to Nash, also can combine from the permutation with complex letter to Nash in seeing “ cipher telegram piles up ” is infatuate very, somebody also hopes to resemble Nash even same, have ” of “ distinctive function.

Nevertheless, with the film " beautiful heart " in what American CIA uses Nash is psychedelic and different, below cold war setting, stem from opposed need, in 20 centuries at the beginning of 50 time, the birth of the computer let machine translation take the line of vision of people.

The science and technology that cold war brings progresses

In the the First World War, plane and tank are invented, get applied first in the war; In the Second World War, be applied with the aircraft carrier, jet aircraft, missile high-tech that is a delegate. The war is in the impulsion that went up to promote development of science and technology and progress somehow.

As similar as two world war, beautiful revive cold war also makes a lot of new science and technology ceaseless emerge in large numbers, have machine translation among them.

After the computer appears, people discovery, the computer can store not only much information, and can have all sorts of operations to the information of memory and input conveniently.

United States of cold war period to mix Russia defies, the United States needs a much Russian technology material and information interpreter to be English. Accordingly, a lot of universities and company begin to pursue the research of machine translation and development at that time. The occurrence of the computer and right amount demand, facilitated the first time climax on machine translation history.

In fact, machine translation is early in 20 centuries 20 time begin to stir, a Muscovite wants to start work at that time realize this one dream, he made a machine, the roll that tries to pass those gear translates Russian into English, with failing declare ends.

Arrived 20 centuries 40 time, the invention of the computer ticks off those who removed people happiness to look forward to afresh again.

1949, wei Fu of · of American scholar Wo Lun issues a note to about 200 friend, he points out enthusiasticly, can solve the translation problem of the language completely with the computer. He thinks, people can let computer simulation mankind translate domestic practice, use a dictionary that two kinds of languages contrast to make a tool, the word that uses a kind of language goes fish the equal in value word of another kind of language, weave next arrange existing writings. This kind of transducer can use a help to solve worldwide document interpreter at least.
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