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Interpreter search combines Yahoo happy interpret 1.5.3 formal edition
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The software of green of free Internet desktop that Yahoo happy interpret is an interpreter and search photograph union. It relies on powerful Yahoo whole world to search a technology, offerred comprehensive and convenient search to translate a function to the user, yahoo happy interpret includes a mouse to take word, brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy to take new word of pronunciation of word, word, individual character this, the function such as paragraph interpreter, webpage interpreter and Yahoo search. Have intelligence to match, the character of spelling error correction. At the same time supportive English-Chinese, Chinese-English, Ying Ying, network explains type of 4 kinds of interpreters. Le Yi devotes oneself to to make brand-new network translate a service for Internet user.
Support many exterior lexicons in the round
Increase faintness to inquire a function
Increase lexicon management function
Adjust menu and interfacial detail
Retouch Bug
Yahoo happy interpret replaces list

Download: Vomit ⒗ faithful?.5.3 formal edition

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