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Shenzhen Japanese translates a tool
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A Japanese translates a tool automatically, the function of this tool basically is the Japanese inside translates an Office Excel automatically into Chinese (the dictionary that the basis builds is different, can get used to any language) . Classics research, the Japanese of this company is OK end is “ what how the detailed function of the commerce product that ” will come to describe this company, function, the numerous circumstance such as exterior, also have exception of course, using word for instance is a verb when, what make a person gratified nevertheless is, because depict a sex, do not have object so, accordingly, basic also and OK end is " of " subject predicate, predicate of course not be to include a verb merely inside Japanese. With Japanese professional grammatical term states even if: + of “ body character uses character ” . Body character is designation word commonly here, or pronoun; and using word basically is verb of verb, adjective, appearance and noun. Pay close attention to a verb, because those Japanese depict a sex, the verb among of course is intransitive commonly, of course “ not as good as the syntactic ability that the view of content ” should be English appears, “ should call automatic word ” inside day Chinese law, unlike at “ his verb ” has object action boy or girl friend, so this moment, its action is just like the character that ego description has like verb of adjective, appearance and noun. Build two dictionaries file next, one is body character, one uses word, two pattern is same, specific as follows: Japanese & Chinese. Every word is right take group, “&” space is used between its Japan and the Chinese that reach its correspondence, next the tool regards a keyword as conjugate according to lexical Japanese, how my word translates, next conjugate becomes a sentence, because do not have that object, the word order that because “ sentences ” of make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings to perhaps say “ allows to judge the word order of a ” ,follows Chinese is same, what be translated into the word order of Chinese to should follow Japanese so is same, if be an interpreter,undertake adjustment accordingly into other language of course, inspect its grammar characteristic and decide. Here, can't help can asking, the attribute inside that sentence, shape, not language how to do, because do not ask to do too detailed interpreter, pay no attention to to what its can abandon so. General component is inside Japanese sentence make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings, allegation sentence, existence sentence, depict sentence, but can be described probably as a whole with a few formula, the formula of Japanese word order that come out sums up when he thanksed to to just learned Japanese in this project: (Adverbial modifier) + theme (は ) + (adverbial modifier) + (complement) + object (を / が ) (complement) + is predicate, generally speaking the subject here, object, adverbial modifier can express to be again: (Adverbial modifier) + theme (は ) + (adverbial modifier) + (complement) + object (を / が ) (complement) + is predicate, so ceaseless iteration, a bit very abstract, this formula can be the accuracy rate of 100 % , so saying is the reason that because of oneself Japan rots (^ . . ^) , major should use “BNF type ” describes Bakesiba, interpreter process from lexical analyzer, to parse, to semantic analysis, to the target the language is generated finally, of course this is hind word, at present the system still is done photograph contrast is simplier (did not do Japanese to segment for instance) .
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