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Edition English-Chinese of CAT2.5 of elegant letter of interpreter memory softwa
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Edition English-Chinese of elegant letter CAT2.5 two-way interpreter platform is domestic and international sex valence comparing is best.

English-Chinese of elegant letter CAT two-way interpreter platform is the professional software that by Beijing elegant letter sincere company develops. It is the software of auxiliary interpreter tool that is aimed at the unit that has interpreter job and individual development technically, compositive the TM with advanced international (Translation Memory) technology, home accumulates old MT(Machine Translation) technique, and very convenient interactive (Interactive) means. Its main effect is: Help enterprise and interpreter personnel fall in the premise that assures to translate quality, improve interpreter efficiency easily. Through the test of hundreds user, after using elegant letter CAT, interpreter quality is more than artificial interpreter, interpreter rate rises 2~4 times differ, labor intensity is less than original 1/3.

Elegant letter CAT already was included plan of ' of new product of emphasis of nation of 2000 year ' , had passed the technical appraisement that product of national MII electron manages. This technology still will be united in wedlock with the technology of other sphere, bring wider application, bring for the mankind more advantage and enjoy. If speech technology, network applies,wait. How making the mankind casts off language barrier is the objective that we pursue. The occurrence of elegant letter CAT, those who be sure to bring whole interpreter product change.

Functional introduction

■ exceed high capacity lexicon

Save the time that consults a dictionary in great quantities for the user, the system takes more than 6 million vocabulary oneself, involve nearly 100 kinds of major, can choose many professional lexicons at the same time

■ those who go to the lavatory is interactive

While the system checks a word automatically, the user can be taken with rat punctuation directly or choose the meaning of a word with shortcut key, beardless and duplicate or manual input acceptation, reduced the labor intensity of the user. The user that makes not familiar computer is operated also can be finished very quickly interpreter.

■ advanced memorial mechanism

Lexical memory, sentence memory, extract is remembered, utmost ground repeats use already had resource

Distinct advantage

Library of ◆ lexicon, memory and syntactic library are all and open: The user can undertake increase and decrease according to need or edit, raise systematic automation rate.

CAT of ◆ elegant letter used memory of alternant, interpreter, machine translation integratedly a variety of technologies

◆ serves the whole process that works at the interpreter, facilitate build standard, efficient interpreter flow
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