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Technology of our country machine translation obtains major breakthrough to appr
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Dispatch of TOM science and technology occupies a story, in the “ international spoken language that just ends the interpreter studies alliance (C-STAR III) in the evaluation of technology of core of international machine translation that ” organizes, what management of content of place “ network and group of news service ” refer automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is medium - flower the translation system obtained BLEU to notch 0.528, NIST notchs the best achievement of 10.25. According to research, the BLEU that Chinese translates a sentence artificially to English notchs be in commonly 0.5~0.6, the interpreter that this shows to automation place translates a technology to apply setting to fall in evaluation has been close to the quality of artificial interpreter as a result.
At present the group still is in intensify tackling key problem, the extensive that translates a technology through improving count ceaselessly changes function to promote systematic interpreter property. Machine translation technology passes the couple that waits for a technology with speech recognition, can form reliable spoken language to translate device and translation service, the language category that also manages content of farther patulous network at the same time.

C-STAR is international go up to be engaged in what spoken language translates the earliest be being organized internationally, this in - flower interpreter evaluation was attracted include ATR of computer science department of American IBM company, CMU, Japan, Germany inferior 12 famous research organizations such as NTT of ITC of treasure university, Italy, Japan attend.

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