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Saltant dense fog- - shallow the development that talks about machine translatio
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The phylogeny of machine translation tells us, the unifinication trend of the development that accompanying IT and global network, machine translation technology also is able to rise ceaselessly, the auxiliary interpreter action of the translation software is sent more apparent. And for the expert that studies to be engaged in machine translation, scholar or software development staff, the development process of machine translation, it is one pace spans actually the process of obstacle of machine translation technology.
Span obstacle
Regard different language as the interpreter communication between, machine translation since a science, also be an art. Use ceaseless development of the technology as the computer, what communicate to solve a computer language is complex, trival, as dry as a chip wait for a problem, the research work of machine translation began new course of development. Come a few years, domestic and international a lot of experts, scholar gave much painstaking effort and sweat for the research of machine translation. But, return neither one up to now the automatic translation system of perfect, practical, comprehensive, high quality appears, this also says those who understand the difficulty that the language translates is big. Should say, machine translation passes development of a few years, still obtained very great progress, regard the auxiliary interpreter of people as the tool especially, machine translation has gotten most person approbate, in recent years the bitter fleabane break out of domestic and international translation software is exhibited, proved this. Current, machine translation software of home does not issue 100 kinds, according to the interpreter characteristic of these software, can divide roughly it is 3 kinds big: The dictionary is translated kind, Chinese change an interpreter kind translate with major kind. Dictionary kind the translation software takes dominant place should be company of golden hill software " PowerWord " . " PowerWord " can calls the electron that is achieve greater the dictionary, it can inquire the acceptation of English word or phrase quickly, offer the pronunciation of the word, for the user understanding word or word group meaning offerred huge advantage.
Chinese the typical delegate that converts a translation software is Beijing fact Da Mingtai company develops " Oriental express 2000 " , it put forward “ above all the idea that intelligent Chinese turns ” , changed past “ instant Chinese the inadequacy that changes ” , also make people had updated knowledge to the translation software, make the auxiliary interpreter effect of the translation software more apparent. " Oriental express 2000 " offerred “ for the user intelligent Chinese changes compositive environment ” , for won't the comprehensive solution ” that the person with English or English not high level provided “ language barrier, include internal code changeover, trends Chinese to change wait with electronic dictionary, satisfied user Chinese to change webpage of English software, English well, the preliminary interpreter of the understanding that realizes pair of screen English information and article waits, get to information, understanding article carelessness has quite practical effect.
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