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Lake Great Teacher "translated" the ancient word word table winners
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To make old books "translated" into modern universal character, the small Hubei Jing Han of University Teachers, "bench" to study the three and a half years, based on her doctoral thesis written findings "may flood of sound and meaning - the text for the center" were among "National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation." It is the only one in Hubei Province this year, liberal arts nature of the doctoral dissertation award. "This paper is the 'back seat' to sit out." Yesterday, the Korean experience of small Jingjie Shao says. Select the "Sound and Meaning can flood" (the collation, analysis of the difficult handwritten Buddhist folk characters as the main purpose) as the object of study from the doctoral supervisor's proposal, as the book "Folk Character" (often seen in the manuscripts, the variant forms of a species. sociologist, said over the last text written for the popular folk folk characters.) informative, can be described as "small fonts", and have not done the previous system, is a "bonanza." Because this book is too "cold", Han Jing start small ignorant of this book, and even the study of this book can make a qualified doctoral thesis is also in doubt. Light reading this book, to explore, to determine the main direction to spend more than a year. Research into the track later, Han Jing small sleep after 1:00 every day, 8 am to get up until the first draft of the paper over a hundred million words to the teacher. To strive to be comprehensive and accurate, she even graduate half a year delayed. Reply, the evaluation experts and defense experts agreed that the doctoral thesis of this paper greatly exceed the normal standard. Hubei University, College of Liberal Arts, according to Professor Shu Huai introduction, Han Jing of the results of the small people not only during the Tang and Five have a more emotional character with knowledge of the situation, and finishing reading the ancient literature of the future large-scale dictionary dictionary The amendments are instructive. It is reported, was honored as "Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award hundred", the Ministry of Education will provide dedicated research funding. Little Jing Han said she will continue to be studying the subject, and strive to be able to "old books transcribed out, so that everyone can understand."