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The first high-level interpretation of Shanxi Province of Shanxi University Bu
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To achieve restructuring and development in our province, across development; building economically strong province, cultural province of the new situation, the foreign economic and technological and cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent today, Shanxi Province, lack of senior interpreters once again highlighted the problem out. Training for the interpretation of personnel training mode; learn advanced foreign language interpretation course schools teaching philosophy, methods and tools; accelerate the pace of training interpreters in our province, after several months of gestation the preparation, Shanxi Province, the first workshop in 2010, Advanced Interpretation November 13 Business College of Shanxi University Academic Exchange Center grand opening. The seminar is organized by the Translators Association of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, Institute of Foreign Language Education Professional Committee; Shanxi University, College of Commerce contractors; Blue Dove Group, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, co. Shanxi Province and municipalities, district and provincial Foreign Affairs Office of the translator more than 30 colleges and universities College of Foreign Languages, Department of the Ministry of charge and more than 120 classroom teachers were invited to participate in the seminar. Alexander Business School Foreign Language Department teachers and students also attended the meeting. Shanxi University, Professor Yang Jiping, vice president of business a cordial meeting with experts and representatives and hospital representatives at the opening welcome speech. Shanxi Institute of Foreign Language Education Committee President, Shanxi University, Professor Wu Yaxin Dean of Foreign Languages and Translation Association of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, member of Foreign Language Education Association Honorary President Professor Wang Zhengren at the opening and closing ceremony for the keynote speech and concluding remarks. Conference opening and closing ceremonies by the Shanxi Institute of Foreign Language Education Committee consultant, Alexander Business School Prof. Hong Chuanying Foreign Language Department. Seminar "key" is invited to the Shanghai International Studies University, Professor, Doctor of translation, Master Tutor Miss Wu Bin and Beijing Foreign Studies University College of Translation (former United Nations translator Training Department), Associate Professor, United Nations, Mr. Li Changshuan certified interpreters were made academic report. Shanghai elite schools from the two experts, both held hundreds of large-scale international conference translation, simultaneous interpretation has a wealth of interaction and practical experience, while schools are committed to high-level foreign language translation professionals training. They can be busy taking the time to Shanxi for our experience and advanced technology to allow participants the opportunity to learn about this treasure. Academic report is divided into "classroom teaching" and "interactive Q & A" two links. Two experts around the "Interpretation Course Construction" and "Interpreting the teaching content" to start discussion, respectively, from the teachers, teaching content, teaching methods, materials selection, translation and Improvement of Teaching Reflection of interpretation teaching and other aspects of the law. Experts believe that the translation work contributed in the economic and social development, we study the teaching of interpretation and interpretation of the training mode is still in the initial stage. Are still many issues to be studied. Experts believe that: It should be viewed objectively analyze the current status of translation, translation of the development of space is vast, and called on the community emphasis on translation business, focus on training translators. Meanwhile, experts also explain the "context of interpretation to the film as a curriculum model design" presentation, to the teachers teaching provides a new thinking, new way. Two reports by the Institute of Foreign Language Education Committee of Shanxi Province, Vice President, North University of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean, Ph.D. Professor Zhang Sijie host translation, and he comments on the academic report also left a deep impression on the audience. After the report, in Alexander, deputy director of Business School of Foreign Languages under the auspices of Professor Li Xueqian, delegates, and Professor Wu Bin, Professor Li Changshuan conducted on-site interaction. Experts explain the excellent response was received with applause, and the atmosphere was very lively. Interaction phase, Shanxi University of Finance and Economic Studies University of the young teachers Zhangjun Yang interpretation of teaching materials to choose the settings made with the amount of information exchange statement. All the participants in front of our hospital group photo after the Department of Foreign Languages, Professor Wu Yonghong, deputy director of the outer language under the guidance of the Department of Foreign Languages of the simultaneous interpretation lab scene to observe the teaching process demonstration. The laboratory was completed in August 2009 and put into use, is the first simultaneous Taiyuan Laboratory in College, the training for the translation to make a new attempt. From other universities outside the province's teachers listened with interest to teachers outside our department, the provincial TAC Deputy Secretary-General, Foreign Affairs Office Wang Zhenchun simultaneous translation is not the teacher's lecture and demonstration on some of the issues raised, and mutual consultations. Experts also recommend a number of enthusiastic interpretation of quality training for our software configuration used. We discuss how to make good use of the further development of this laboratory with the transfer of advanced teaching methods. Professor Wang Zhengren Translation Association of Shanxi Province in the closing remarks on the outcome of this workshop a comprehensive summary; interpretation of future high-level talents in our province and put forward specific ideas; of Business College of Shanxi University, the teaching of advanced hardware and Teachers spoke highly of the service concept; and business professionals in the Foreign Language Department Institute of Training and teaching mode and fully affirmed. He proposed that: our common efforts to fight the Business College of Shanxi University, Shanxi Province Foreign Language academic exchange base. Also invited to the seminar Provincial Committee of Foreign Language Education Association's leadership, from Shanxi University of Finance, Taiyuan University of Technology, Shanxi University, Taiyuan Normal University, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Foreign Affairs Office of the Bai Shuqin, Duyao Wen, Nie Jianzhong, DUAN Yi Hao, Zhao Xuan, Zhao Man Wah, Wang Chung, Zhang Demin and other well-known professors, scholars and advanced translation. Short day, the atmosphere in Shanxi Province, efficient and pragmatic interpretation of the first high-level seminar was a complete success. The meeting not only for the two professional academic organizations in our province provides a learning platform for exchange and active sector of the province and foreign language translation of the academic atmosphere of the teaching profession, but also to develop foreign language students and faculty in our hospital's vision, deepen their dynamic frontier of knowledge translation and promote my foreign language department and other departments of the exchanges and cooperation between institutions, students and faculty to show my good spirit, we are hosting the seminar reached the expected results.