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Convention on Tobacco Control translation memory loophole needs to be carefully
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January 9, 2006, the Chinese National People's Congress approved the implementation of the WHO "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control", the Convention requires the Parties, after 5 years in order to achieve compliance for all indoor workplaces, indoor public places, public Transport 100% of the smoking ban. In this regard, the voice of special observers Comments Cao observed as follows: Cao observed: our country in 2005 formally approved by the NPC Standing Committee, the World Health Organization's "Framework Convention on Tobacco Control," according to the convention on January 9 next year should be the full realization of China's tobacco control. However, Is the fact it seems far from ideal, one of which is our reason for the tobacco industry and even our authorities on this issue is not only a positive attitude, and even the obstruction. Some of China's tobacco control organizations have recently pointed out that China's accession to the World Health Organization conventions, the tobacco industry to influence, makes our department's implementation of the Convention on the WHO solution of a broad Release. For example, in the English translation of which "should" changed the meaning of Chinese "should", the English word "comprehensive" into the Chinese meaning of "broad", so to the Convention for the Chinese, when in the performance of the left A lot of loopholes. This allows the tobacco industry can be found in many places a different meaning to the implementation of delaying tactics. China now face the world in the end how the Convention, in the end can not take seriously? This is a matter I National reputation and their relationship to the people of our country a serious health problem, it is necessary to face the serious.