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Near the lead translator Youth Olympic popular
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International Music Festival, the Youth Olympic ... ... both now and in the future, Nanjing will host more international events. Yesterday, the National Translation Industry as the tenth anniversary of the translation of Chinese thought and culture out of the seminar held in Nanjing to , The reporter learned that, along with the Youth Olympic Games approaching, Nanjing is also increasing demand for simultaneous interpretation, for now, Nanjing is the most popular translation of languages, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian language most Category 5 Sought. Interpretation, referred to as "simultaneous", an hour's income can be up to 2,000 yuan, this way, the income of envy. Vice President of Jiangsu Province, Wang Chengbing CAST interview with this reporter revealed that the Youth Olympic call will take place in Nanjing Also need to open one thousand high-quality translation, as gathered in Nanjing University, so to meet most, accompanied by interpreters. As for the relatively demanding "interpretation", in Nanjing local "interpretation" can not master all To meet demand. But Wang Chengbing said the do not worry, they are associations or from the pool of the nearby Shanghai and other cities to deploy manpower to meet the demand. In addition to deployment of staff, local universities and other translation company translation Began developing translation software to provide appropriate scientific and technological support. According to reports, as the top talent, the country with the transfer of not more than 1 million people, in Nanjing, only ten to twenty people. More developed country with mass concentrated in the cities Beijing, Shanghai, China. As Nanjing is becoming more open international High, especially in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games held in Nanjing, many translation companies have begun developing a "simultaneous" master. Although the "interpretation" so attractive, but scarce, but not low barriers to entry. According to the translation institutions responsible person said that currently includes six English four or eight certificates are everywhere, but for a translation company to That the recruitment did not see these certificates, they are "not only on ability to re-certificate." And so the frustration is responsible for recruiting the past 10 people to apply for available translations can be found five or six, and now this proportion dropped to twelve Months. This reporter learned that the company wanted to get into translation work, they often organize professional examination scores 60-70 points left to be considered for training. After a period of practical training to posts. At the meeting, Chinese Foreign Wen Guo Xiaoyong, Executive Director said that relevant departments are working, for now the high-level talent gap, the situation varies greatly throughout the translation industry, so that translation, like lawyers, accountants, as the implementation of access system.