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Practical strong simultaneous interpretation is become gradually study abroad ne
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On January 19, the reporter learns, each country is right now interpreter of teaching material of interpreter of tourist guide of oral interpretation personnel, foreign language, technology, literature interpreter, seeing and hearing, this locality changes careful of service, interpret, editor, term if the Dou Qiuxian such as interpreter, lexicographical personnel is thirsty, a few relevant major of foreign gradually popular, become study abroad new heat.

According to studying abroad advisory expert Dong Yun introduces, interpreter and course of simultaneous interpretation degree are in abroad very accept favour, there is special royal law to come to the school that examine and verify can award this major bachelor and master's degree even in Spain. The design of this kind of foreign course is very comprehensive also, rigorous, it is with interpret of flower law each other exemple, learn a language the first year while professor student undertakes English and interpret of French each other; Begin the 2nd year to learn oral interpretation course, the 3rd pass an imperial examination learns simultaneous interpretation 4 years in dragoman stage, study “ can inspect ” oral interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.

This course is had very strong practical, besides the theory that the student reachs oral interpretation besides study written translation and practice, still class of a lot of take as an elective course can offer an alternative. The student can choose to learn the major such as commerce of law, economy, science and technology, computer to translate direction, the obtain employment after be graduation offerred more opportunities. In addition, the student can gain the practice opportunity that has written translation and oral interpretation in local administrative court, country and international orgnaization during study, the student that accords with a condition still can apply for fellowship.
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