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Chinese interpret assist delegacy attends the United States to translate associa
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Came on October 31, 2007 on November 3, the Chinese interpret that by domestic interpreter bound 15 experts scholar comprises assist delegacy went to san Francisco to attend the United States to translate association the 48th annual meeting, to international the person of the same trade revealed the 18th world to translate the preparatory positive result of congress, undertook multinomial learning communicates.

Chinese interpret assist the occurrence of delegacy, be sponsorred square attention. On congress opening ceremony, bi De of chairman of couplet of interpret of international of beautiful square specially invite (Peter Krawutschke) make a speech, the 18th world that special introduction held in Shanghai 2008 translates congress, academician of interpreter of appeal United States signs up actively attend plenary meeting. Chinese interpret association grows assistant Huang Changji to serve as a spokesman during congress, the development that special performance introduced China to translate association, China to translate a bound and the 18th world translate the concerned circumstance of congress, caused the attention of representing attending the meeting. Chinese interpret assist the multinomial activity that delegacy still entered the United States to translate association Chinese branch, United States to translate company consortium to hold, enter the world interpreter congress and strengthened collaboration to undertake many sided is discussed.

Session, chinese interpret assist with world interpreter congress bright and beautiful river of Shanghai of meeting Wu partner — travels combination installed limited company and company of American China books and periodicals to exhibit a stage, conduct propaganda Shanghai world translated congress 2008, and the spot extends congress application form. A lot of ginsengs can exhibit a stage to seek advice from matters concerned signing up before the representing, propagandist material is asked for very quickly one sky. American interpreter association leaves off his post chairman Maryann • Gelinfeierde (Ms. Marian Greenfield) and hold the post of chairman actor luck newly (Mr Jiri Stejskal) exhibits a stage technically, express to attend the desire of Shanghai conference. The each country that enters an exhibition translates auxiliary tool to develop business, interpreter and this locality change service company and interpreter to groom the orgnaization expresses to be willing to rent the plane that enters Shanghai world to translate congress mostly, seek Chinese partner.

This second annual meeting is one of conferences with the largest scale on history of American interpreter association, more than 1600 language that comes from more than 30 countries and area translated group public figure to attend congress and many minutes of 160 forum.

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