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Enthusiasm of Italian foreign trade is recommended tired " break up " spot inter
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Lai Shiping of chief executive representing is in committee of Italian foreign trade the product that a many hours spent to introduce him country on forum

Chief executive representing gives committee of Italian foreign trade not only oneself had a Chinese name, because recommend an end time too ” of “ risk one's life needlessly, tired still “ turns over ” interpreter, must not bos field substitution. CIFIT the first day, of the foreign country, provincial travelling merchant, the enterprise of this locality exert all over the characteristic that skill recommends him and project.

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Committee of Italian foreign trade sells noodle

Chief executive representing bilks committee of Italian foreign trade the life is flat, when recommending ” of “ business chance to Henan, “ of it may be said arrives home seriously ” , said a many hour continuously, the interpreter still was changed among.

Yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, business relation of China of “ Italy — : Feasible economy and conference of cooperative mode ” are punctual in Henan hotel of holiday of state imperial crown is held. In hall of province business affairs deputy office grows Miao Yongqing to be opposite briefly Henan ——“ China the first produce the first population of grain big province, China after big province, economy saves the introduction of ” greatly, lai Shiping appeared on the stage to begin his the introduction of a many hour, as a result the interpreter enrols cannot sustain, in field substitution.

Lai Shiping is the Chinese name of Antonino Laspina. He says, committee of Italian foreign trade created main agency in Chinese Beijing 1965, still be in Shanghai of 6 cities —— , Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hong Kong to wait to create agency in succession now. The business that they basically pursue in China is the Italian business that the help develops business in China, offer the opportunity that a ginseng unfolds for them, introduce relevant product of Italy.

He says, the position that Italy is in Europe, with respect to the position that is in China like Henan, be in mid. Italian cheese, cooked wheaten food and red wine have an advantage, place's very at present main company invests in China, be in Shanghai, Beijing, every month basically can have an authentic Italian restaurant start business, he hopes such dining-room opens Henan to come as soon as possible.

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United States of new Zheng person is become CEO, energy-saving project brings back the home

Yesterday morning, media of business of the world comfort meets can hold in restaurant of Henan fleabane hill. The comfort business that comes from all over the country and representing of chamber of commerce sit together, in all force of word chamber of commerce and ” of economy of “ Henan person. Be worth what carry is, besides traditional industry, regard comfort business backbone as force they, involved high-tech industry morely.
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