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Couplet of international cardinal principle: Harbin big winter can need to build
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Xinhua net Harbin on Feburary 26 report (reporter Zou Dapeng) the official such as superintendency committee of couplet of international cardinal principle and technical committee was inspecting Harbin world undergraduate winter sports will be ice 2009 go up with snow express after competion area, to Harbin big winter the match of conference organizing committee intends the work very satisfactory, hope Harbin is in create the detail field such as liaison man of worker of language of snow, all-round, match artificially, can do weller.

Official of couplet of international cardinal principle arrives at Harbin at 23 days, 24 days of call together
Opened a plenary session, subsequently cent heads for Yabuli into 7 groups competion area, cap mountain competion area and Harbin competion area undertake making an on-the-spot investigation, held a plenary session the 2nd times afternoon at 26 days.

On the meeting, officials are met to big winter the match preparation work of the organizing committee offerred sufficient affirmation, also offerred a proposal to problem of a few detail. A few officials were inspecting Yabuli say after competion area, the part passes the trail of attestation and do not have snow, answered this to prepare early to build snow artificially 2009, achieve 40 centimeters of right-and-left ply at least, and enclothe whole trail. In addition, worker of education all-round language is very necessary also. “ all-round translates ” to want to have outstanding the gift of tongues not only, have certain ski skill even, such ability surpass the spot to offer convenient, quick language to serve in geometric ratio of high mountain trail.

Officials are consigned to baggage, the detail problem such as match liaison man also offerred a proposal. Couplet of international cardinal principle superintends Wu Erpu of · of committee chairman Ka Lisi to say, the upper limit that international airliner baggage consigns is 30 kilograms, and the upper limit that baggage of Chinese home flight number consigns is 20 kilograms, after this means each district athlete to arrive at Beijing, be about to look for a place to put baggage. In addition, it is two competion area considering the cent on snow, a few athletes should join different project, the traffic safeguard between competition ground will be very crucial.

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