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International is contemporary 5 allied chairmans do an interpreter
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21 days of mornings 7 when 30 minutes, international is contemporary Klaus of 5 allied chairmans · Mr Shu Erman (KlausSchormann) appears in house of fencing of national conference center, and as me the volunteer's honor ground is become accompany an interpreter.
In this Olympic Games contemporary in 5 contests, two projects all are in fire, fencing fencing house is held. 22 days midday 12 when 50 minutes, as match of handgun of 10 meters of gas declare ends, fencing house finished the whole match of Beijing Olympic Games. After watching game of two days, the constituent job of · Shu Erman to the match expressed Klaus to affirm. He says, this the match is organized not only outstanding, and the athlete also has very good show, can saying to go up is the training ” with successful “ .
Be in fencing house, contest organizing committee is Klaus arrangement of · Shu Erman has an office. In match breathing space, we walk into the office together, when he and accompanied place controller chat, I am Klaus · Shu Erman arranges a file. From inside their talk, I understood Beijing Olympic Games to bring Klaus the excitement of · Shu Erman. He says, as sponsor a city, also be Chinese capital at the same time, beijing opened wide a door to the world. The people of the whole world, do not divide phyletic, sexual distinction and belief, come because of the Olympic Games to here, of this door opening also is to inviting the people of the whole world to come to China, experience Chinese culture and warm hospitality.
Klaus · Mr Shu Erman says, contemporary 5 strong points that are Euramerican country all the time, its biggest characteristic is a fire, fencing, swim, horsemanship, cross-country race project of 5 complete irrelvant forces go up at the body of an athlete, requirement player completes the race in time of a day, will decide final position of the player with assembly accomplishment. So contemporary the difficulty of 5 athlete training and match, exceeded the match difficulty of special athlete and intensity greatly. Shu Erman expresses finally, beijing Olympic Games will write down very bright one chapter in Olympic history submit a written statement to a higher authority.

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