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D-Link DIR-604 Business Route and site of Nanjing-line translation
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Full-time translation work takes a lot of patience and persistence, and also inseparable from the team for help. With the Internet, not only a wealth of information for work, but also to keep company with the team and collective collaboration. "Stone City" Nanjing is a lack of charm and history rhyme of the city, of course, this task is not sightseeing, but for a large venue customers to do translation. Fashion as a new customer, they will be held here today a new release ceremony of the global synchronization, the new consultation will be communicated abroad over, so the network information is a top priority of this conference, the Chinese companies need to real-time translation of data to do the scene to speak. Ready, I and my colleagues came to the venue early. In the course of inspection equipment has gone wrong, that the original preparation of the wireless router does not work, it can be very anxious to us. You know, there is no Internet support, customer online information is difficult to translate. This being burnt, I suddenly think of it before departure smoothly bring the D-Link DIR-604 wireless router, this small and casual business travel route to a plug into my bag. Find out quickly connected to broadband connection, do not look a little modest this router, the role was not easy, AP file switch plug and play, I and my colleagues can immediately share the high-speed wireless network, on-site to an online translation proceed smoothly. Then the work has progressed very well, did not think would have been prepared using the AP in the hotel played a useful here. A spokesman for the customers are very satisfied with our real-time translation, returning, led also by the awards. I will also DIR-604 features the magic to show off a lot of other colleagues, but also hope that more people can enjoy its convenient and efficient.