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Area of the 9th Hua Dong translates a seminar to be held in Jiangxi Nanchang
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Came 25 days on November 23, 2007, area interpreter seminar is in the 9th Huadongde that translates association and combination of university of Jiangxi finance and economics to hold by Jiangxi province Jiangxi Nanchang is held, chinese interpret assist vice-chairman Zhang Bai attends the meeting like that and make congress theme make a speech. The interpreter worker of the branch such as company of service of the mass organizations of nearly 100 interpreters that comes from Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shanghai, institution of higher learing, translation attended a seminar.

The conference divides congress to the theme makes a speech and discuss in group, the topic for discussion includes to translate service of management of mass organizations of education of academic research, interpreter, interpreter, translation to wait for each respects. This the outstanding characteristic of the conference is, performance of young interpreter worker is unusually brisk, this one phenomenon makes clear from flank, the team of young interpreter worker of our country is growing expand.

The seminar still held excellent paper to choose an activity, partial treatise is judged to be respectively one, 2, third class award and outstanding award, when the conference ends, piece the relevant leader such as Bai Ran vice-chairman awards prize to author of paper of bear the palm.

Hua Dong area translates a seminar to already held 9 up to now, this activity is mixed to uniting the interpreter worker that invigorates Hua Dong area, interpreter learning that strengthens this area and industry communication, make translate the job to serve effectively at place open to the outside world and economic progress produced positive stimulative effect.

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