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Interpreter bound common fault is fetching attention
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“ letter, amount to, the 3 big targets that elegant ” ever was called to translate, but these 3 words already faced an unprecedented dilemma it seems that in instantly. “ first prize is vacant still! What ” has held 4 CASIO cup to translate a contest to have not discover first prize of fill of outstanding interpret hand up to now continuously is vacant, in the interpreter contest result that announces by November, english group and Russian group first prize still vacant, interpreter home and commissioner appear coma of vacant to “ first prize already ” . Wu Hong of deputy chief editor of Shanghai translation press expresses: “ does not hope next year is again vacant. ”

“ is accurate with literary grace both cannot balance, this is the biggest question of these players that play the game. The state with vacant to translating contest first prize to continue ” , yellow source is opposite vice-chairman of association of Shanghai interpreter home greatly the reporter spoke all the details, “ this is to take part in the match not only the player's problem, also be the problem that whole interpreter bound exists generally. ”

Speed is angle profit reflect

Huang Yuan is deep think, “ interpreter is artistic also be a technology, translating the mainest task is well and truly pass information to the reader. ” is in so Huang Yuan is deep look, accuracy is the first element of the interpreter. Also be based on this one very slashing standard just about, this the translation of the contest needs to seek accuracy above all. Be in what at present “ of popularity of domestic interpreter bound compiles ” and ” of “ ego play now, older generation translates the home people admonish again and again domestic publishing house and translator, “ accurate ” is the interpreter's precondition.

The interpreter article that translates contest English group this is an essay that England writes master home Lashendi. According to introducing, difficulty of this language translation is quite tall, a lot of literary quotation and need to consult vigorously with the word dictionary and data ability are accurate the interpreter comes out. “ has difficulty of good few points to need have the aid of to relevant data ability understands and explain really, this also reflected a of translator important attitude: Serious. ” Huang Yuan is deep think, to professional translator, want to spend time to study each difficulty seriously only, translate well and truly actually come out, the key still is a manner. But translating the press, speed is profit most change greatly reflect, foreign language books is introduced, translate and publish quicken ceaselessly, and the time hard to avoid that leaves translator careful research translation is compressed quickly, subsequently and come the deficiency that hard to avoid brings about translation accuracy.
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