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What is actually happening of wide lecture of north of exam of countrywide inter
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The whole nation translates the full name that the qualification takes an exam to cry: The whole nation translates professional competence (level) exam, english calls China Aptitude Test For Translators And Interpreters, abbreviate calls CATTI, the United States has TOEFL, england has elegant think of, china begins to have CATTI. What does the exam mean?

One, it is the major move that conforms with international. Of this exam planned to had undertaken more than 10 years actually. Expand as Chinese reforming and opening, China increasingly to diplomatic shedding. China and communication of international interpreter bound expand increasingly (a association of Chinese interpreter worker is international interpret couplet important member) , everybody more and more feel, the interpreter should have to unite, scientific, objective, fair measure comes standard. Because this was consulting after the experience on international, the circumstance that process of service market internationalization accelerates is translated after China joined WTO especially, approval of department of national occurrences in human life will translate qualificatory exam to include national major qualificatory certificate series, decide to begin to roll out this exam this year.

2, translate what the qualification takes an exam to carry out reach action: Undertake in 3 cities English translates the experiment of the exam only this year, next year should have farther test in 20 cities, should hold at the same time except English beyond the exam of language of other foreign language, final and other main article is planted (flower, law, on the west, heart, day, Russia, pull) have an examination. After carrying out interpreter qualification level to take an exam, government of office of former each unit, state is enterprise or business the translates a qualification evaluation that undertake works to undertake no longer, already brought into system of national profession certificate, the cognizance that translates a qualification later can carry this one channel only. We still have a tentative idea, want in the future and a few developed countries that get the attestation of interpreter exam qualification with accepted international, undertake acknowledgement of the qualification each other, for instance the English country such as England, Australia had had his interpreter qualification attestation. We and concerned department of these national exam orgnaizations, government and their interpreter association also are being discussed all the time, until mature implementation admits this kind each other. To at that time certificate of our interpreter qualification exam became ” of driver's license of international of a “ . For this, the attestation of this interpreter qualification that we carry out, from endeavor to undertake according to international standard at the beginning, undertake according to the train of thought that conforms with international level.

3, interpreter qualification and title. The document that human affairs ministry sends points out clearly, holding such exam is for science, objective, justice. In the past, if a person wants to win interpreter title, above all must be subordinate to belongs to a certain state-owned unit, this will socially the majority wants to be engaged in translate or be in off hours, the person that perhaps has an interpreter in time of total obtain employment eliminates to be besides the team that translates technical title. And in the world, the interpreter is the labor of each body sex, a person can be a company, the interpreter job that can assume and corresponding rate are to mix link up with of certificate of interpreter qualification grade.
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