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By translation company emissary proposal and Chinese and Western Fang Wen turns
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According to the United States " Washington times " the website reported on December 21, american information officer says, chinese respect ever passed a Chinese to translate service orgnaization to be set in order to obtain American state security bureau in a Hawaiian to monitor the information of the station. This spy is permeated case it is when undertake in bureau of investigation of crime of the admiralty a few years ago great in turning over information to investigate, discover. Turned over information investigation this to disclose password of Chinese respect filch and secret of other electron information, and a of recruit concerned military affairs and nonmilitary personnel large project. The official says, chinese respect is passed in Hawaiian establish a Chinese to translate a company to execute emissary operation. The enterprise that comes from the United States into just pretends this company in. This one stratagem makes navy and national security bureau signed classified contract with this company. According to the contract, this company help translates a few information in the information that national security bureau intercepts and capture.
Bureau of admiralty crime investigation still discovered a grand Chinese information acts. The purpose of this action is foreign citizen of Chinese origin of recruit United States holds the position of spy, and the navy that recruit can obtain information of secret of that information station and staff member of civil service information. We can see, information personnel of the United States talks such immediateness to go down at abnormal guiding ideology in Chinese menace draw the outline of gives a such old practices is not to make news earn a stunt, however the wants to prove China from each respects development of have ulterior motives is really right the safety of the world and state-owned to fastening serious menace.
Why is American more and more sensitive to develop and rising abruptly of China? Why is American the development of world economy to make outstanding contribution without the progress that sees China? Occupy world total population if the China of 1/5 is a hungry and backward China really, is that world mixed with respect to peace safe? All these problems, in the final analysis is report gives a such facts, that is China rise abruptly in development really, and the American development to China more and more do not catch a cold.
The person that has some of common sense a little knows, run and be being managed what translate a company is real commercial action, be in China, have company of about 3000 interpreters, and company of the transducer compose that is engaged in translating the job, interpreter and individual are without number more. Develop as the economy of our country and open to the outside world, the communication communication of China and foreign country and cooperation are more and more concentrated, accordingly, come 10 years recently, interpreter industry got swift and violent development, according to concerning sectional statistic, what translated the market 2008 is total trade the forehead will achieve 30 billion U.S. dollor. Concerned enterprise of home seizes opportunity, swift and violent development, many translation firms and orgnaization build his branch in world each district. The author is at present right a few well-known interpreter companies of domestic undertook the phone seeks advice, these companies are set in beautiful national capital handle affairs orgnaization. The chief of some famous translation firm says Beijing: “ this is pure belong to eyewash, the main scope that in the country varus interpret business involves is the content of commercial side, involve commercial secret and tall, essence, pointed technology file to still need to sign firm confidential agreement a little, unless water is drunk inside the brain of American, concerned country secret so serious content gives in square translation company will finish. Hit an example to say, just like it is same that in China you give company of American science and technology to finish installation to debug the supervisory equipment of people congress hall, the person that has some of common sense a little can know this is impossible. And American respect captures this make an issue of, resemble contemptible scoundrel simply. ”
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